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Business Case Approach (BCA)

This online course will provide you with an overview of the NZ Transport Agency's Business Case Approach (BCA) phases and principles, and explore how they operate.
Target Audience
This course is for everyone who reads, writes or reviews business cases.
Learning Outcomes
In this course you will learn how to
  • define the Business Case Approach (BCA)
  • recall the key applications of the BCA
  • list the BCA principles
  • explain the importance of critical thinking, reflecting and objectivity in the effective application of the BCA
  • describe the significance of using Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) to capture an investment story
  • list the characteristics of a desirable outcome of applying the BCA
  • describe ways to avoid some likely pitfalls encountered when applying the BCA, and
  • explain how the BCA principles can be applied to achieve a desirable outcome.
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